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Adaptive Skills Training

Adaptive Skills Training aims to increase a client’s life skills toward a greater level of independence in the home and community.


Adaptive Skills Training services:


  • Are based in a developmental perspective in which areas a client is delayed in are targeted
  • Utilize principles of Applied Behavior Analysis including breaking down skills into more manageable tasks or steps, and reinforcement or reward systems
  • Aim to increase a variety of skills that a client struggles with including self-help, communication, socialization, community, etc.
  • Involve parents and caregivers where appropriate to assist in the client learning new skills


An initial Adaptive Skills Training evaluation is completed during which adaptive living skills goals are generated and treatment plans to address these goals are outlined. Assessment, Consultation & Treatment develops with clients individualized goals for intervention based on age and socially appropriate norms, which are prioritized with clients so as to intensely target a few adaptive skills at a time before addressing other skills.


Adaptive skills include but are not limited to:


  • Personal Care & Self Help - hygiene, toileting, meals, chores and other home tasks
  • Socialization - leisure or play skills, interpersonal relationships, conversation, non-verbal cues
  • Communication - requesting, commenting, explaining
  • Community & Safety - crossing the street, appropriate with others, purchasing
  • Self-Direction - goal setting, self-management, problem solving, choice making
  • Behavior Modification - tolerance, rigidity, ritualistic behavior, non-compliance



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