Psychological & Behavioral Services for Children, Adults & Families


Focused On Results

Assessment, Consultation & Treatment has a client-centered approach. We understand that each child, adolescent and family is unique and requires treatments not only grounded in evidence-based practice, but also individualized to their strengths and needs, and the needs of their family and environment.


Treatments are tailored to the individual client and family:

  • Individualized client goals are developed and prioritized for intervention.
  • Plans for decreasing problematic behaviors and increasing skills take into account the environmental strengths and limitations.
  • Strategies for caregivers, including parents and teachers, are suggested in order to support the child's development and improvements.
  • Collect data to measure progress and adjust interventions when needed.
  • Intervention aims to collaborate with other service providers such as teachers, after school programs, and speech therapists.
  • Recommendations for services factor in family needs, restrictions, resources, and personal preferences.




At ACT we believe the best interventions are often the simplest and most natural interventions. We work with clients, their families and caregivers in their natural home and community environments.


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