Psychological & Behavioral Services for Children, Adults & Families


Our Services

Assessment, Consultation, and Treatment provides Behavior Services to children, adolescents, adults, and families. Our Services include but are not limited to: ADHD Therapies, Anxiety Management, Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT), Behavior Modification, Discrete Trial Training (DTT), Early Intervention, Exposure Therapy, Functional Behavior Assessment, Training & Consultation, Play Therapy, Pivotal Response Training (PRT), Positive Behavior Support, Self Management, and Social Skills Training.

adolescent Services

We provide Behavior Services for adolescent, teens and young adults. Adolescents are evaluated and an individualized treatment plan is put into place. Aggressive behavior, elopement, self-harm, there is a focus on social skills, self-regulation, life-skills training and emotional counseling.

family services

ACT therapists demonstrate an ability to structure sessions yet still be flexible, and to provide parent training while relating to their clients, serving as trainers and often mentors.

CHILD services

We provide Early Intervention Services to children 3 years old and younger who demonstrate delays i one of more areas of development. Services begin with a brief development evaluation during which a client is described in terms of where they are in their development compared to others their age.

Process & Structure

Behavioral Services begins with an assessment during which observation, interviews and evaluation occur. Goals are determined and a recommendation for intensity of services is made. The funding source will then review to devise services permitted. Services may then be authorized for a specific time period and only renewable upon submission of a progress report.



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