Psychological & Behavioral Services for Children, Adults & Families


Assessment & Diagnosis

ACT offers a wide variety of evaluation and educational testing options.


what is evaluation and educational testing useful for?

  • Identifying patterns of learning strength & weaknesses
  • Screening for learning disorders
  • Identifying learning differences & disabilities
  • Intelligence & achievement testing
  • Determining behaviors hindering access to learning
  • Determining achievement across developmental domains, including language, communication, socialization, adaption skills & motor skills
  • Clarifying ADD/ADHD diagnosis
  • Identifying Autism Spectrum Disorders


what does testing INclude?

  • Use of standardized assessment tools & procedures based on client's reason for testing and individual needs
  • Comprehensive written report
  • Debriefing session reviewing results
  • Behavioral diagnoses
  • Recommendations for services & support
  • Behavior support planning


ACT evaluation and educational testing services are available for children and adults. Please call our office to schedule testing.



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