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Developmental Assessment

Developmental assessments aim to identify where a client is at in their development as compared to others their age. These assessments identify a client’s strengths and weaknesses within different developmental domains including: language and communication, socialization and emotional functioning, cognitive functioning, adaptive living, and motor skills. They can help a family identify what areas of development their child is delayed in, how delayed their child is in different areas, and recommend goals and services to address those delays.


Developmental assessment includes:

  • Comprehensive review of previous reports and records from school, medical doctors and specialists
  • Interview and review of developmental history and the current concerns of the family and child
  • Administration of standard tests on different developmental domains
  • Probing of skills with the client- asking them to demonstrate certain skills and testing them out
  • Observation of the client in different environments if relevant (i.e., home observation, school observation, observation with peers)
  • Consultation with those already providing services to the client (i.e., speech therapist, school teacher, psychologist, psychiatrist, medical doctor)
  • Full written report including background information, observations of the client, results of standardized tests, diagnostic impressions, and recommendations
  • Feedback session with family to review the findings within the written report and answer questions



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