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Early Intervention

Assessment, Consultation & Treatment provides Early Intervention services. These services are provided to children 3 years old and younger who demonstrate delays in one or more areas of development. Services generally began with a brief developmental evaluation during which a client is described in terms of where they are in their development compared to others their age. A client’s strengths and weaknesses within different developmental domains are identified.


These developmental domains include:


  • Language and communication
  • Socialization and emotional functioning
  • Cognition
  • Adaptive living
  • Motor skill


Specific developmental goals and treatment plans to guide services are created. Services are provided from a developmental and behavioral approach. Therapists work to catch young children up to their same age peers by providing intensive services focused on specific goals.


Behavioral-based teaching strategies are used in Early Intervention Services including:


  • Breaking down skills into more manageable and achievable tasks and goals
  • Repeatedly capturing and contriving practice opportunities
  • Providing as much support and assistance as needed to help a client be independent and successful
  • Motivating clients to achieve goals by using rewards based on their individual preferences
  • Providing recommendations and feedback to parents and guardians on skills they can practice with their child outside of sessions



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